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  • Angel kite

    This amazing kite was designed by Mike Delfar and given a special award for innovation by the American Kitefliers Association.   It is made by Premier Kites in ripstop nylon, with lightweight carbon spars.  It will fly in extremely light winds. (more…)

  • Dazzle delta kite

    From G-Kites, this 9ft delta is available in three colour schemes; this one is called Jazz.  I am very impressed by its ability to fly very smoothly in extremely light winds, when most of my other kites are grounded. (more…)

  • Ghost delta kite

    The name Ghost applies really to the white version of this kite, as it apparently gives a very ghostly appearance when flown at night.  The Ghost, from G-Kites, is available in six colours and two sizes.  This one is 7ft wingspan, and there is an 11ft model. (more…)

  • Dragon Diamond kite

    If you like diamond kites but want something a bit different, this kite should fit the bill.  Designed by the Hespeler brothers and made by Premier Kites, it is a real eye-catcher whenever it flies. (more…)

  • Batzilla kite

    A great value kite made by Into the Wind, this scary-looking fellow has a wingspan of 4ft 8in, and is made of ripstop nylon with fibreglass spars, so will stand up well to a lot of wear.  It flies very well, and is suitable for children of all ages, from about 5 to 95 or more. (more…)

  • Shadow delta kite

    This is a simple, but attractive, delta design with a 7ft wingspan, made by G-Kites.   It has the usual ripstop nylon/fibreglass spar construction, and is supplied with a nylon bag.  There are many such deltas on the market, but this one represents good value and looks very attractive. (more…)

  • Sky Delta kite

    These kites from Premier Kites are almost 7ft across, and almost 12ft long with the permanently-attached tail, so they are big enough to make quite an impact in the sky with their bright colours. (more…)

  • SYMPHONY 2.2 kite

    by guest reviewer Tony Travaglia

    This is a rather hard pulling, two line soft stunt (or power) kite from HQ Kites.  Easy to carry in a small bag, easy to assemble by just unfurling it, it will fly in 6 knot winds and have very little pull but above 10 knots it will unleash a pull that will really give you a workout. (more…)

  • Macaw kite

    A wonderful inflatable kite from Premier Kites, designed by Steffen Gaubatz, the Macaw has a wingspan of 9.25 feet.  Although it will fly on its own in a suitable wind, it is much more easily flown with the aid of a lifter kite, which does not need to be very big. (more…)

  • Houterman’s Star Box kite

    by guest reviewer Tony Travaglia

    It was a very nice day, sunny and a blue sky. so without further ado we set off to the park and flew the 48 inches x 32 inches Houtermans Star Box kite from HQ Kites.  The wind was only about 7 knots and was very fickle where we usually fly but we did try. (more…)

  • Wacky Worm kite

    I’ve never seen a worm with legs, but someone at HQ Kites apparently thought that this would be a good name for the kite.  I think Crazy Caterpillar would better describe it. (more…)

  • Tuxedo Bird kite

    This very smart-looking fellow comes from Premier Kites, and seems to be a variation on the Thunderbird reviewed on the previous page, but without a keel.  (The instructions enclosed were actually for the Thunderbird.) (more…)

  • Rudi delta kite

    A variant of Premier Kites’ standard line of 8.5ft deltas (which they strangely call 9ft deltas), Rudi is an amusing and eye-catching design.  Like the Tuxedo Bird, it has no keel, in order to avoid spoiling the design. (more…)

  • Cody Pro kite

    This box kite by New Tech Kites is modelled on the famous design by an American, Samuel Cody, over 100 years ago in England. (more…)

  • Sun Oak giant delta conyne kite

    This kite is a rarity, as it was actually made in the USA, in Muncie, Indiana.  It is nearly 14 feet across, and is the biggest delta conyne available, as far as I know. (more…)

  • Multi Kite

    A great design from HQ Kites, the Multi Kite is ideal for the person who wants only one kite but can’t decide between a single-line or two-line one. This serves as both. (more…)

  • Crazy Tube kite tail

    A wonderful kite accessory from HQ Kites, the Crazy Tube tail (centre in the photo) is 33 feet (10m) long, with “bubbles” that are 15” diameter, and looks fantastic flying behind a medium or large kite.  I bought one and liked it so much that I immediately ordered two more! (more…)

  • Double Lifter sled kite

    This kite comes from Skydog Kites, but I have no idea why they called it Double Lifter.  It is a standard sled design, similar to the ones available from several other companies. (more…)

  • Skydog 7ft Pirate Rokkaku kite

    Part of Skydog’s new “Big Dog” series of larger kites, this is the biggest rokkaku commercially available at a reasonable price.  It is made in two styles, this and one with the Skydog logo. (more…)

  • Pterodactyl kite

    Designed by Carsten Domann and made by Premier Kites, this is a large creature with a wingspan of 11ft (3.3m).  Contrary to appearances, it is very easy to assemble and to fly. (more…)

  • Cube Kite

    A clever design by Ralf Maserski, the Cube Kite is really an illusion.  Although it gives the appearance of being made up of seven cubes or boxes, it is actually a flat kite, or rather a slightly bowed kite.  It is 92 inches by 54 (230cm by 130) and so big enough to fly high and still be noticed. (more…)

  • Dimension Delta kite

    This is a brilliant kite but unfortunately it is, I am told, no longer in production.  It is based on a design by Michel Gressier and was made by Colours in Motion and distributed outside Europe by Premier Kites.  There may still be a few available if you look around. (more…)

  • Rainbow Totem kite

    Almost 10ft (3m) tall, and 20” (50cm) wide, this colourful item from Premier Kites makes a big impact wherever it flies. (more…)

  • Skyfoil 15 kite

    This kite was produced by G-Kites to fill a gap caused because the Sutton Flowform 16 (reviewed earlier) is no longer in production.  It is, like the Flowform, an entirely soft kite (no spars) and packs away very small so is easily transportable. (more…)

  • Ultrafoil 15 kite

    Like the Skyform 15 above, this kite was designed to replace the now-defunct Sutton Flowform 16.  The Ultrafoil,  however, has been considerably modified by the designers, Ray and Jeanne Merry of Cobra Kites, and is not just a copy of the Sutton kite. (more…)

  • Aztec Delta kite

    A beautiful flier, this is a big delta with a wingspan of 14ft (4.67m). It’s at its best in fairly light winds, and has enough pull to lift a lot of tail or line laundry. (more…)

  • Krah Krah kite

    The unusual name of this kite represents the sound made by a raven, after which the kite is modelled, apparently.  From HQ Kites, it was designed by Arno Gradwohl.  It’s quite big at a length of 89” (227cm) and is very distinctive with the separate “cut-out” piece in the middle. (more…)

  • Kinetic Jewel kite

    Rainer Hoffmann designed this intriguing kite, which is made by HQ Kites.  Although it’s not a large kite, with a length of 46” (117cm), it’s certainly an eye-catcher as it revolves in the air. (more…)

  • Orbit Brogden Diamond kite

    This beautiful kite was originally designed by Charles Brogden more than 100 years ago, and has been re-interpreted and brought up to date in this stunning iteration by the Hespeler brothers. (more…)

  • Trilobite kite by Ma Qinghua

    This is an amazing design by master designer Ma Qinghua from China.  I bought what may have been the first one sold outside China in October 2014, and was amazed by its performance (see first video.) (more…)

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