Rainbow Totem kite


Almost 10ft (3m) tall, and 20” (50cm) wide, this colourful item from Premier Kites makes a big impact wherever it flies.  None of the pattern is printed, it is entirely sewn.  The kite takes a few minutes to assemble, as the  spine has to be joined and inserted, and then seven bow-lines need to be connected. The kite came, as with the Cube above and several other kites from Premier, with no instructions, which would have been confusing for someone unused to bowed kites.  However, it is not really difficult to assemble, and once it is done the kite is eager to fly.  It needs only a light breeze to launch it, and flies very well.  Considering its size, it has little pull, so is very manageable.  The Totem packs away to a small size and is very light, so it’s easy to take anywhere.  The list price is $169.95; mine came from Picture Pretty Kites, where it is $153.