Sky Delta kite


These kites from Premier Kites are almost 7ft across, and almost 12ft long with the permanently-attached tail, so they are big enough to make quite an impact in the sky with their bright colours.   They come in a plastic, not fabric, bag.  They are easy enough to fly, and designed mainly for older children, I imagine. They are not strongly constructed, however, and I don’t know if they will stand up to a lot of use.  The sail is of the usual ripstop nylon, and the spars are fibreglass, but very thin.  The spine rod, especially, I think is too fragile; it is too flexible, and it is not well-secured to the kite, being held only by the end pockets and the bridle.  On such a kite at this price, I would expect the spine to be sewn into a tunnel as on most deltas.  I can’t really recommend this kite, and suggest that something like the same-sized Shadow delta (see above) is much better value.  I bought my Sky Deltas from Picture Pretty Kites; the price is $34.90.