Multi Kite


A great design from HQ Kites, the Multi Kite is ideal for the person who wants only one kite but can’t decide between a single-line or two-line one. This serves as both.  It is basically a very easy to fly two-line soft stunt kite, but has clips at the ends of the lines which quickly attach to a single line also provided. It can then be hand flown or tied down and will happily stay in the air all day.  Revert to two-line flying, and it becomes more interesting.  For a child, or a total beginner of any age, it is a perfect introduction to two-line flying.  Even I was able to handle it without effort at the first attempt, although I have yet to do any more advanced moves.  The attached 40ft tail adds greatly to the impact of the kite, and slows it down to make control easy.  The kite is completely soft and there is nothing to break, so even if you crash it would not do much harm to the kite or anyone unlucky enough to be under it.  The kite and lines come in a very sturdy bag, and the whole lot weighs very little and can easily be taken anywhere.  Altogether a lot of fun for not a lot of money.  It should be available from most HQ dealers; I bought mine from Picture Pretty Kites, where it is $47.90.