Cody Pro kite


This box kite by New Tech Kites is modelled on the famous design by an American, Samuel Cody, over 100 years ago in England.  The original was much bigger, and designed to fly in train (multiple kites on one line) for the purpose of lifting military observers in a basket suspended under the kites. This version is almost 5ft across, and made of ripstop nylon with fibreglass spars.  It is very easy to assemble and to fly.  It flies at a high angle, and although it moves around a bit is a very solid and reliable flier.  It is one of the better New Tech products I have flown.  My friend Tony Travaglia has a bigger Cody, but his cost more than four times as much as this one, so I think I’ll stick with this for now.  My only slight complaint is that the colour scheme does not stand out particularly well in the sky, and no alternative is offered.  I bought this from Picture Pretty Kites, who have it for $56.