Macaw kite


A wonderful inflatable kite from Premier Kites, designed by Steffen Gaubatz, the Macaw has a wingspan of 9.25 feet.  Although it will fly on its own in a suitable wind, it is much more easily flown with the aid of a lifter kite, which does not need to be very big.  In the video, it is being assisted by a 9ft Dazzle delta in a light breeze.  The kite is very well made and easy to fly if you avoid tangling the 30 or so bridle lines which help give it its shape.  The wings have a parafoil-type structure, and a mesh opening in the body allows it to inflate in the wind quite easily.  If this kite is not big enough for you, there is also a huge Mega Macaw version with an 18ft wingspan!  The standard one has a list price of $269, and mine came from Picture Pretty Kites where it is $242.