Houterman’s Star Box kite

by guest reviewer Tony Travaglia

It was a very nice day, sunny and a blue sky. so without further ado we set off to the park and flew the 48 inches x 32 inches Houtermans Star Box kite from HQ Kites.  The wind was only about 7 knots and was very fickle where we usually fly but we did try. The Star Box is easy to assemble although the spreaders at the ends of the kite one has to watch. One set popped out of its sockets so to make sure I am going to clip them together with a bit of elastic, not the flat but the round type and that will ensure that the spreaders are not lost if one has a crash or a heavy landing. Even though the wind speed was low the kite lifted easily into the air and settled at a good angle of flight. The wind dropped, so off to the beach to try our luck there. There the wind was around 12 knots and very steady. The Houtermans Star Box lifted straight up into the air, flying steadily and without a waver to either side. The flight is exceptionally steady and settles at a high angle flight attitude. This would be one of the steadiest kites I have flown and is a pleasure to watch.  Flight stability 10/10.  Construction 9/10.  The panel colours are wonderful as can be seen in the photograph.  List price is around $240.  This one came from Picture Pretty Kites.