Double Lifter sled kite


This kite comes from Skydog Kites, but I have no idea why they called it Double Lifter.  It is a standard sled design, similar to the ones available from several other companies.  The quality is good and the design very colourful, and the kite flies well, coping nicely with quite changeable wind conditions. There is no assembly required –you just take the kite out of the bag, which then becomes the drogue tail, and attach the flying line. Launching is simple, and the kite pulls quite hard so should cope well with bigger tails or with lifting fairly large items of line laundry.  There are four tail attachments if you want to ring the changes.   I flew this and a Powersled 24 from Premier Kites, and the performance of the two was almost identical.  This is not surprising, as the design of the two kites is almost the same. I did find that the drogue on the Double Lifter tends to close up from time to time in variable wind, so I will try different tails next time I fly this kite.  It comes with a spool of flying line rated at 110lbs, but this is twisted, not braided, and in any case not adequate if you are flying in strong winds.  The sled probably needs 200 or 250lb braided line.  The Double Lifter is good value at $79, and mine came from Into the Wind.