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First price is approximate list price now or last price when available.  Second price is asking price (postage extra)

Links are to videos on my YouTube channel where these kites can be seen flying.

Air Guitar                     $300        $175

A unique inflatable (soft) kite, designed by Martin Blais, that is no longer made. Flies well and looks great. This was bought to replace one that was stolen, and has had little use. It’s 12ft (3.6m) long and 5ft (1.5m) wide, with 7.5ft (2.25m) spinning drogue. Flies well unassisted or as line laundry, and is a real eye-catcher.  Comes in a great bag with guitar design. 

Bubble Micky              $??        $50   SOLD

Superb Willie Koch-designed big (4.2ft/1.4m) rotating line laundry item from Colours In Motion. Needs a fairly strong lifter (Power Sled 36 or similar). I have one for sale. No longer made, very rare, never sold outside Europe and only made in small numbers.

Butterfly Genki        $300        $180

Beautiful Carsten Domann-designed 13ft (4m) kite, no longer made in this design, although still produced in ugly printed fabric. This is the real thing! Applique work, not printed. A great light-wind flier. Matching 8 metre (26 ft) tails.

Eagle of Paradox rokkaku      $360        $185   SOLD

Probably the biggest rokkaku-style kite you can buy, at 114 inches (2.9m) high. A powerful lifter and makes a great impact in the air. This is the blue design.

Le Frog 3m   (10ft)              $110         $60    SOLD

Like its bigger brother, this can fly as a kite or as line laundry. This one is the spotted version. A very amusing item.

PLK Micro Show Kit        $370       $225   SOLD

This item from Peter Lynn Kites includes a Sting Ray, a Crab, a Fish, a 2m Pilot kite to carry them, and even a large reel and line specially set up to fly it all, plus a great carrying case. This set has been very lightly flown, so is as good as new.

Music Man Brogden        $210        $150   SOLD

An amusing version of the big Brogden diamond, a classic design that flies brilliantly. At 96 inches (2.45m) high, this is a huge kite that flies really well. No longer made.

19ft Mesh Delta             $625        $400

No longer made. This big, beautiful kite designed by Willie Koch makes a stunning sight in the sky. Slightly easier to handle than the other 19ft deltas, but flies in equally light wind and handles stronger winds well.

Sun Sea Sky            $250       $150   SOLD

An unusual and eye-catching design with 58ft tail by Jon Burkhardt. No longer in production. This is a real sky-filler and a great show kite. It has been re-sparred to give better performance than the original specification.

Songbird        $230        $175   SOLD

Long out of production. A big, rare kite that was made in very limited numbers by Premier Kites to a design by Jon Burkhardt. The image is based on a classic advertisement of the 1920s. This is an art work as well as a very easy-to-fly and dependable kite. All applique work, not printing. Measures 6ft x 4ft (1.8 x 1.2m) and has a 50ft looped fuzzy tail.

Kabuki Suruga        $250        $175   SOLD

An unusual design from Jon Burkhardt, made by Premier Kites in limited numbers and long out of production. A rare collector’s item to fly and to treasure. A big kite, 6ft 4in by 5ft 8in (1.9m x 1.7m), it has a startling appearance and always gets a big reaction. Image is based on a mask from the Japanese traditional Kabuki theatre.

Samurai Kimono        $250        $175   SOLD

Very rare, and of course no longer made. A real collector’s piece. It’s big, at 8ft by 6ft 7in (2.4m by 2m) and very impressive-looking. The sail is all applique work, not printed. The kite was designed by the renowned Lutz Treczoks, and made in very limited numbers by HQ Kites.

George Peters Eels (Eel banners)  $125 each.    I have three (1 of each color) and will sell for $70 each or $180 the lot   SOLD

For collectors of George Peters’ designs, these are a must.  In blue, red, and black, each is 27ft long and can be flown as a banner or kite tail, or however you want.  Almost unused, and weigh little so postage on these should be fairly cheap.

Lucky Clover large inflatable kite   SOLD

This rare kite was made by Colours In Motion, a German company, in small numbers (I’ve never seen another one.)  It’s over 8 feet (2.4m) across, and 25 feet (7.5m) long.  It’s very well made, and easy to fly.  It makes a great impression, and is especially good to fly on St Patrick’s Day!


These kites are all in good condition. All have been flown, but some only on a few occasions.

All prices in US$ (postage extra, and will be advised before purchase)