Dimension Delta kite


This is a brilliant kite but unfortunately it is, I am told, no longer in production.  It is based on a design by Michel Gressier and was made by Colours in Motion and distributed outside Europe by Premier Kites.  There may still be a few available if you look around.  It is a big kite, with a wingspan of almost 10ft (3m) and a length of over 32ft (9.9m).  It is quite simple to assemble, and flies very easily and stably.  It pulls hard when the wind gets up, and the recommended line strength is 250lb.  It looks magnificent against a blue sky, and is different from any other style of kite.  I am surprised that there are not more of these beautiful kites around – my video of it appears to be the first and only one on Youtube.  At a list price of $117.95, the Dimension Delta offers amazing value.  Mine came from Picture Pretty Kites, who may be able to get one for you.