Tuxedo Bird kite


This very smart-looking fellow comes from Premier Kites, and seems to be a variation on the Thunderbird reviewed on the previous page, but without a keel.  (The instructions enclosed were actually for the Thunderbird.)  It is certainly an attention-grabber, with good detailing of the bow-tie, handkerchief and even gold cuff-links!  It is also a good flier, and is almost as quick as an ordinary delta to assemble – there is just one extra rod to insert to hold the shape of the tail.  The build quality is good, and the materials are the usual ripstop nylon with the spars being carbon and fibreglass.  The kite has a wingspan of 8.5 feet, so is big enough to stand out well even when flying quite high.  The list price is $54.95, and mine came from Picture Pretty Kites.