Wacky Worm kite


I’ve never seen a worm with legs, but someone at HQ Kites apparently thought that this would be a good name for the kite.  I think Crazy Caterpillar would better describe it.  It’s designed by Rainer Hoffman, who is also responsible for the Amulet kites reviewed on the previous page.Like the Amulet, the Wacky Worm is well-made and very easy to assemble and fly.  It is just a little more fussy about wind conditions than the Amulet, but given suitable conditions it will fly happily all day.  The constant movement of the legs makes it very eye-catching, and there is nothing to wear out so it should go on running through the air for a long time to come.  Highly recommended as an affordable and easy to fly novelty kite. Mine came from Picture Pretty Kites, where it is $86.99