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  • Duck Face kite

    From G-Kites, this happy character is nearly 6ft tall.  It is a completely soft kite, and packs away into almost nothing.  It is quoted as flying in winds from 5 to 20 mph, but is much happier in smooth winds up to 10 mph, when it will fly very happily. (more…)

  • Phoenix Tail kite

    Designed by Robert Brasington and made by New Tech Kites of ripstop nylon with carbon spars , this is a bowed kite, like the rokkaku.  Measuring 59” by 53”, it flies nicely in light to medium winds and its cut-out design is very eye-catching. (more…)

  • Martin’s Legs kite

    Named for its designer, Martin Lester, this soft parafoil-type kite is made by New Tech Kites.  It is about 6.5ft long, and very amusing as the legs kick constantly in the air. (more…)

  • HQ Rokkaku kites

    These small (47”) rokkaku are beautifully made by HQ Kites, with mostly appliqued patterns and strong materials to last a long time.  They are ideal for anyone wanting an inexpensive kite that looks good and is fun to fly in a wide range of conditions (more…)

  • ITW Parafoil 5 kite

    If you like simplicity and convenience, a small parafoil kite is hard to beat.  They will pack away into a very small space and can be taken anywhere.  There is nothing to assemble, so they can be in the air in almost no time. (more…)

  • Butterfly Genki kite

    This large (12.5ft wingspan) and beautiful kite from Premier Kites looks magnificent in the air.  It is designed to fly in winds from about 2 mph, when few other kites will leave the ground. (more…)

  • Red Oval Roller kite

    This magnificent kite was one of the earliest I bought, and I am not sure if it is available any more, as it seems to have disappeared even from the dealer I purchased from.  If you see one anywhere, my advice would be to buy it immediately. (more…)

  • Exotic Bird kite

    There are many kites made to resemble birds, and this, from Premier Kites, is one of the larger ones at over 9ft wingspan.  It is very stylised rather than trying to imitate a real bird, but none the worse for that. (more…)

  • Le Frog kite

    Despite his slightly French name, Le Frog was designed by Jim Rowlands in England, and is made by Premier Kites.  He comes in three sizes, and this is the middle one at 14 feet. The kite can fly either alone or as “line laundry” attached to the line of another kite. (more…)

  • Quilted Strata Delta kite

    Designed by Barbara Meyer for Premier Kites, this is a double-keeled delta, which flies in a very stable fashion in winds from about 7 to 18 mph.  It could fly in less wind, but that would mean taking off the three magnificent matching tails which come with it, so there is little point. (more…)

  • Bee kite

    This soft kite from G-Kites comes complete with line, so you can be in the air almost immediately.  Unlike many soft kites, it is not fussy about wind conditions, and flies extremely well. (more…)

  • Sun, Sea, Sky kite

    This unusual kite is flat, not bowed.  It was designed by Jon Burkhardt for Premier Kites, and is big – almost 5ft across and with a total length of around 80 feet. (more…)

  • Hoffmann’s Amulet kite

    The Amulet comes in two versions, Amulet 1 and Amulet 2.  The kites are designed by Rainer Hoffmann and beautifully made by HQ Kites, from ripstop polyester with fibreglass spars.  Is this the perfect kite?  It certainly ticks a lot of boxes. (more…)

  • 12ft Patchwork Delta kite

    This is a big kite, designed by Kathy Goodwind and made by New Tech Kites.  It has a 12ft wingspan, but also a very low aspect ratio, which means that it is tall as well – just 3 inches short of 8 feet.  It looks good, and like practically all deltas, flies well. (more…)

  • Dark Angel Seraph kite

    The first kite I have bought direct from the designer, this was designed and made by Robert Brasington, of Tasmania, Australia.  It is five feet high, so not a big kite, but it looks stunning in the air, whether against blue sky or cloud. (more…)

  • Zenith delta kite

    The Zenith has a low aspect ratio, so the shape is a little different to that of most deltas.  It has a 7ft wingspan, and is 5ft tall.  It is strongly-built from ripstop nylon with carbon spars, and is designed to fly high and pull strongly. (more…)

  • Brooxes Box kite

    Box kites usually require a lot of wind, but this one is a rhomboid shape which provides a greater lifting surface and should fly in lighter winds.  The quoted range is 5 to 18 mph, but I have found it needs more like 7mph to leave the ground. (more…)

  • Rocky Mountain Delta Conyne kite

    The delta conyne is an amalgam of a delta and a box kite, and combines some of the advantages of both.  This one, from Into the Wind, is not big, at 7ft 9in wingspan, but it is an attractive and reliable flier. (more…)

  • Cephalopod kite line laundry

    Part of a series of interesting “line laundry” items designed by Willie Koch for Premier Kites and inspired by strange underwater creatures, the Cephalopod is quite big, at 89in long and 35in diameter.  It therefore needs a fairly big kite to lift it. (more…)

  • Sea Pineapple kite line laundry

    This is from the same series of Premier Kites “line laundry” items as the Cephalopod above.  The size is similar –  88in long and 30in diameter, but this one revolves more slowly and is a little more solid-looking. (more…)

  • Shannon Roller kite

    Although this kite, designed by Kevin Shannon, is a roller, it is quite unlike my big Red Oval Roller reviewed above.  That kite is bowed, whereas this one has a moulded dihedral fitting for the spreader spars.  That makes this very quick and easy to assemble. (more…)

  • Radian Delta kite

    I bought three of these G-Kites deltas specifically to fly together.  Their bright colours light up the sky on even the dullest of days.  The Radian comes in four colour schemes and two sizes.  Mine are 7ft wingspan, and the other version is 9ft. (more…)

  • French Military kite

    This simple kite is basically a triangular box with wings.  The design is based on one used by the French army in the early part of the 20th century, in a larger form and with multiple kites, to lift observers and send signals. (more…)

  • Astral Glide kite

    Not a big kite, this, at 80in by 40in, but it looks stunning in the air.  Designed by Ron Gibian, it is made by Premier Kites in ripstop nylon with carbon and fibreglass spars.  It is a double-bowed kite like the rokkaku, but very simple to set up and to fly. (more…)

  • Squid kite by Ron Gibian

    Like the Astral Glide above, this kite is designed by Ron Gibian and made by Premier Kites, and from the same materials.  The Squid is bigger, at 10ft long including the tentacles, and is not as simple as its sister kite. (more…)

  • Thunderbird kite

    From Colours in Motion, this bird is just over 8 feet across and 6 feet high.  It reminds me somewhat of my big Sky Birds, although the wings are less pointed, and it flies almost as well in light or fairly high winds. (more…)

  • Flag kite

    This is certainly no ordinary flag – in fact, it looks more like a pillow-case open at the front, but it flies surprisingly well.  It comes complete with a matching drogue which spins away merrily and adds to the stability of the “flag.” (more…)

  • Fled light wind kite

    The Fled is an unusual kite, specially designed to lift cameras or line art in light-wind conditions.  It is made from ripstop nylon with carbon spars, measures 5ft by 6.5ft, and is available in three colours. (more…)

  • Sojourn cellular kite

    A Robert Brasington design produced by New Tech Kites, the Sojourn is a very attractive cellular kite that flies easily in winds from about 7mph. It measures almost 4ft by 4.5ft, and is made from ripstop nylon with fibreglass spars. (more…)

  • LL Rok light wind kite

    The name stands for Little Light Rokkaku, which is a very apt description of this kite.  Little, at 32 inches by 40 inches, and very light, at only two ounces, this kite flies in breezes almost too light to be felt. (more…)

  • Turtle kite line laundry

    This cute character is five feet across, was designed by Meik Schlenger and comes from Gomberg Kites.  It is made to order in colours of your choice, and comes complete with a stabilising drogue and a bag. (more…)

  • ITW Malay kite

    The Malay is a colourful kite from Into the Wind which is a great alternative to the normal diamond kite.  It is quite big at 4’ 7” by 4’ 11”, and flies extremely well. (more…)

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