SYMPHONY 2.2 kite

by guest reviewer Tony Travaglia

This is a rather hard pulling, two line soft stunt (or power) kite from HQ Kites.  Easy to carry in a small bag, easy to assemble by just unfurling it, it will fly in 6 knot winds and have very little pull but above 10 knots it will unleash a pull that will really give you a workout. In fact I have flown in 20 knot winds and have been toppled with the pull it generated.Amazing fun and easy to pilot, but not for the beginner. It will execute tricks such as dipping the wing onto the ground and then soaring up to the zenith, into a figure of eight and then a loop. If you do crash it is relatively easy to launch it into the air without help by pulling on one line until the foil turns itself back into the wind to lift into the air again.  And there are no sticks to break, so crashes are not a big problem.  I would rate this kite for construction a 9/10 and flying ability 10/10. If you like a hard pulling kite this is the one, it pulls like a horse in winds above 10 mph.  Available from Into the Wind at $120 (2012 price).

Size    6 foot 11 inches  x  2 foot 7 inches.