Dragon Diamond kite


If you like diamond kites but want something a bit different, this kite should fit the bill.  Designed by the Hespeler brothers and made by Premier Kites, it is a real eye-catcher whenever it flies. It is large, 65” across and nearly 19ft long including the tail, and the design is bright enough to shine on even the dullest day.  It is fully appliqued, not printed, and the kite is made from ripstop nylon with carbon and fibreglass spars.  It flies in a very stable fashion, much more so than most diamonds.  Although I no longer own this kite, I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants a fun kite that is easy to fly.  It’s not for young children, however, because of its size; in a strong breeze it will develop quite a pull.   The list price (2012) is $59.95 from Premier dealers.