Skydog 7ft Pirate Rokkaku kite


Part of Skydog’s new “Big Dog” series of larger kites, this is the biggest rokkaku commercially available at a reasonable price.  It is made in two styles, this and one with the Skydog logo.  Since the price is the same, I see no reason to give the company a free advertisement and therefore recommend the Pirate version! The kites are very similar to the Premier Kites rokkaku reviewed elsewhere on these pages, although the Premier one is slightly smaller.  The major difference is that the Skydog kite has fibreglass spars, as opposed to the lighter carbon ones in the Premier rok.  This makes the bigger kite a little more flexible, and therefore, I feel, slightly better at adapting to wind changes and able to handle somewhat higher wind speeds.  The slightly heavier Skydog kite needs perhaps a little more wind in order to fly.  It will still perform quite well in about a 5 mph breeze, so there can be no complaints in that area.  Once in the air it flies steadily and has a good deal of pull, which means it can lift a lot of line laundry or carry a camera aloft.  It seems well-made and should last a long time.  Mine cost $98.95 from Picture Pretty Kites.