Crazy Tube kite tail


A wonderful kite accessory from HQ Kites, the Crazy Tube tail (centre in the photo) is 33 feet (10m) long, with “bubbles” that are 15” diameter, and looks fantastic flying behind a medium or large kite.  I bought one and liked it so much that I immediately ordered two more!  They fill a lot of sky, and receive many favourable comments from onlookers.  They are much better value than some other large tails, and I can strongly recommend that you buy one if you have a kite that will lift it.  In a good breeze, that would probably be anything from a 9ft delta upwards.  If you have a kite with plenty of pull but not suitable for a tail, then try attaching a Crazy Tube or two to the line as line laundry.  The tails are well made and should stand up to a lot of air-time.  Mine came from Picture Pretty Kites, and they are $55 each.