Sun Oak giant delta conyne kite


This kite is a rarity, as it was actually made in the USA, in Muncie, Indiana.  It is nearly 14 feet across, and is the biggest delta conyne available, as far as I know.   It is no longer in production, but there may be a few still available if you call the maker, Richard Langdon, on 812-338-3561 or email him at [email protected] costs $240 and there are colour choices.  The kite is very strongly made and built to last.  The fabric is a heavy-grade ripstop nylon, and the spars are fibreglass, with the exception of the spreader which is made of wood.  I’m not sure of the reason for that, but it works very well anyway.  The kite flies very steadily, and naturally has a lot of pull.  It is great for carrying a lot of tails, and makes a big impact in the sky.  Sun Oak recommend 200lb line, but in a stronger wind I think 250lb or 300lb is more suitable.  It’s a great kite, and if you want a big kite that is dependable and easy to fly, this should be on your list to buy before they all go.  It has quickly become one of my favourites and I fly it often, usually with several tails.