Kite reviews

I will add kite reviews to these pages as and when I have time. They will all give my own opinion of the kites or accessories under review without influence from the maker or retailer of the product.

Where possible I shall say where I bought them, but in most cases they will also be available elsewhere.  If you are lucky enough to have a local dealer, you can save a lot on freight charges, which can almost double the price of a kite.

All prices quoted are in US dollars unless stated otherwise.   These prices may not be up to date.

  • Fish Pyro Delta kite

    This is one of my favourites.  The term “pyro delta” came because these kites were originally flown as part of organised firework, or pyrotechnic, displays. (more…)

  • Morea kite

    One of the first “real” kites I bought, the Morea, designed by Ron Gibian and made by Premier Kites, is a double-bowed kite like the rokkaku.  It is large, at 103” (2.62m) height, but is relatively easy to set up and to fly. (more…)

  • 78″ Rokkaku kite

    This kite from Premier Kites comes in several designs, but not all are available all the time.  My favourite is the Flames design, but there is something to suit most tastes. (more…)

  • 11ft Premier delta kite

    This is a well-built kite of ripstop nylon with fibreglass and carbon spars. I have the Pop Art and Groovy Peace versions, which look stunning against a blue sky, but there are several other designs to choose from. (more…)

  • Triton kite

    This beautiful kite from Into the Wind is a variation on the genki design, but made more stable by having keels. The cut-outs in the sail may also help, and they certainly make it look more interesting. (more…)

  • Super Sled kite

    This is a good-value 40sq ft sled from Gomberg kites, available in  three colours.  I have two, and they are among my most-used kites. (more…)

  • Ascension delta kite

    I have three of these New Tech Kites deltas, one in each of the available colours, which I fly on one line. They are fairly small, at 64” wingspan, and of unusual design, with a tunnel keel which is said to improve stability. (more…)

  • Sky Bird kite

    This is probably my favourite kite.  It is a magnificent design by George Peters and made to a high quality by Into the Wind. (more…)

  • Levitation delta kite

    The Levitation is a delta from Into the Wind, produced in two sizes, 7ft and 9ft.  This is the smaller one, which comes in a choice of two colour schemes, built of ripstop nylon with fibreglass spars. (more…)

  • Elevation Box kite

    If you want a traditional box kite, this is the one to go for.  From Into the Wind, it is colourful, well-made of ripstop nylon and fibreglass spars, and quite big at 4ft by 3ft by 3ft. (more…)

  • Premier Giant Fish kite

    You’ve been to the kite festivals, seen those giant Peter Lynn kites, and want something similar, if not quite so big and expensive. (more…)

  • Chang-e flies to the moon kite

    An extremely eye-catching kite from China, based on a parafoil design, which attracts favourable comments wherever it flies.  It is big, at 7ft across and 26ft long, but not difficult to fly. (more…)

  • Air Guitar inflatable kite

    This stunning design from Martin Blaise is made very well by New Tech Kites.  It’s 4.5ft across and about 12ft long, and a great attention-grabber. (more…)

  • Shazam delta kite

    This is the cheapest “big” delta I can recommend.  At 11ft wingspan, it makes a big impact in the sky, and has enough lift to hoist plenty of tails or line art. (more…)

  • Rainbow Burst / Rainbow Arch giant flowtail kites

    These huge kites, and a third design, come from Premier Kites.  They are 13ft (4m) across and nearly 45ft (14m) long. (more…)

  • Premier 12ft Octopus kite

    This soft kite is based on a design by Peter Lynn, who is the brains behind the biggest kites made. Unfortunately, this particular variant made by Premier Kites is NOT a great buy. (more…)

  • Triangulation kite

    A very unusual design from Joel Scholz, this kite is made by HQ Kites.  It resembles an old-fashioned tri-plane aircraft in having three wings, but is very simple to assemble and fly. (more…)

  • T-Delta kite

    Basically this is a 10ft wingspan tunnel-keel delta with a permanently-attached tapering tail. It is an interesting idea which I have come to appreciate more each time I fly it. (more…)

  • Heart kite

    For those who like novelty inflatable kites, the Heart  by New Tech Kites is a good one to have.  It’s just over 5ft across and nearly 14ft long, and flies very easily. (more…)

  • Premier Power Sled kites

    These useful kites come in several sizes: 14ft, 24ft, 36ft and the enormous megasled at 81ft.   All measurements refer to the square area of the kite. (more…)

  • Gomberg Delta Conyne kite

    The delta conyne kite is a combination of box and delta, and is a dependable kite in most conditions.  For some reason there are not a lot of them around, but Gomberg Kites, or G-Kites, make them in three colours at a very reasonable price. (more…)

  • Little Bear Delta kite

     (by guest reviewer, my friend Tony Travaglia from Oamaru. New Zealand)

    As I wanted (needed) a light wind kite to fly in our fickle winds I chose the Little Bear as it will fly in winds of about 2mph up to about 10 mph. (more…)

  • Pointer kite – a unique design

    This is a very interesting, attractive, and unusual kite from Malaysian designer Ceewan, made by Premier Kites.  It is quite big, but the quoted height of 11 feet is misleading, since this includes the parts of the main spar which project at top and bottom. (more…)

  • Rainbow Butterfly kite

    (by guest reviewer, my friend Tony Travaglia from Oamaru, New Zealand)

    This large butterfly (82” x 43”) from New Tech Kites is a beautiful sight in the air. I have had many people comment  that “ It looks like a real butterfly.” (more…)

  • Luna Moth kite

    Designed by Carsten Domann and made by Premier Kites, this is one big insect at 140” by 102”, designed to fly in light winds.  I bought mine from Picture Pretty Kites . A beautiful kite but needing care, as the necessarily light construction means that the wings are not built to take high loads. (more…)

  • Skyform 60 lifter kite

    This is a type of parafoil kite, similar in design to the well-known Sutton Flowform.  Gomberg Kites make these to order in the colours of your choice, with matching streamer tails as an extra. (more…)

  • Mayan Double Delta Conyne kite

    There seems to have been a change of name with this kite.  I bought it under the above name, but it is now listed by Premier Kites as “Swept Wing Double Box Delta.”  Either way, it is a most attractive and intricate design (more…)

  • Diablo kite

    This is a well-made and really fun soft (inflatable) kite from G-Kites which attracts a lot of interest and is very reasonably priced. (more…)

  • 11ft Mesh Delta kite

    Designed by Willie Koch and made by Premier Kites, this is an amazing construction of many pieces sewn together to give a very realistic impression of a woven mesh. (more…)

  • 19ft Mesh Delta kite

    The “big brother” of the previous kite and of similar construction, this is a monster.  However, it is not difficult to handle, although it has a considerable pull.  It dominates the sky (more…)

  • Peacock Wrasse kite line laundry

    This is not a kite, but an item of “line laundry,” or “line art,” terms referring to pieces hung on a kite line to add to the display.  They bring the display closer to the ground and thus to the spectator, and fill up more of the sky. (more…)

  • 11ft Flapping Bat kite

    If you want something to scare the kids, this creation by Premier Kites might be a good choice.  It is a well-designed kite and the wings flap constantly.  You can increase the effect by jerking the line slightly, and the yellow eyes add to the spooky effect. (more…)

  • 3-D Cellular Kite

    A beautiful kite, this flies really well in very light winds when many other kites are earth-bound.  It takes a few minutes to assemble, and then takes off easily and flies very smoothly. (more…)

  • 49ft Octopus kite

    I haven’t measured this, but the seller says 49ft so I believe it.  I usually describe it as my “50ft Octopus” as that sounds better!  It is big, anyway, so definitely not one for the children. (more…)

  • Highlighter delta kite

    The Highlighter is a very well-made kite from Into the Wind.  It has a 12ft wingspan, so has a lot of pull.  It can lift a lot of tails or line laundry.  The colours are beautiful, and the kite is easy to fly if you are used to big kites. (more…)

  • Lucky Clover kite

    Made by German company Colours in Motion, this kite is actually called Glucksbringer Kleebatt, which translates to lucky clover. (more…)

  • Bubble Mickey kite line laundry

    Another Colours in Motion product, this large and attractive piece of line laundry is hard to find.  I don’t think it is available in America, and I got mine from England. (more…)

  • Flying Cow kite line laundry

    This udderly beautiful piece of line laundry is another from Colours in Motion, but available through Premier Kites dealers.  It is 6.5 feet long and obviously late for milking-time. (more…)

  • Twin-tail dragon kite

    At 41ft long, this kite fills a lot of sky.  It dances in lively fashion like all dragons, but is a reliable flier, and so quick and easy to launch as there is nothing to assemble.  Winding up the tails after flying takes a little longer! (more…)

  • Premier 65″ diamond kite

    Most people think of diamonds when they hear the word kite, but associate them with children.  This big kite from Premier Kites is definitely adult-sized, and unlike most diamonds does not need a tail in order to fly well. (more…)

  • “Beast” dragon kite

    This style of kite is known as a “dragon” regardless of what the graphics depict.  The “Beast” is one of three designs from Into the Wind, the others being “Cobra” and “Beauty.” (more…)

  • Starflake box kite

    This is a cellular kite, a variation on the familiar box kite.  With a diameter of 69”, it makes quite an impact in the sky, and flies in a lively but not very stable fashion. (more…)

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