Rambles (or rants) about kites and kite-flying

I'll try to post occasional items here giving my thoughts about aspects of kite-flying that can't be included in my YouTube channel, which will remain my usual means of letting people know what I'm doing.  If you are especially keen to make a comment about any of my posts, please email me - my address is elsewhere on this site.

The Christchurch massacre and its message

In the early afternoon of Friday 15 March 2019, a heavily-armed man invaded a mosque in central Christchurch, New Zealand, and began systematically murdering people, while live-streaming his actions on Facebook. He moved on to another mosque and killed others, before a brave man tackled him and he fled, possibly to carry out a third […]

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Did Peter Lynn kill kites?

Look at photos or video of any major kite festival almost anywhere in the world, and what do you see? Almost certainly the answer will be mainly huge line laundry items from the Peter Lynn Kites factory, held up by pilot kites from the same source. These items – the whales, octopuses, dragons, pigs, horses, […]

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The unappreciated kite-flier

If you are a “serious” kite-flier – by which I mean someone with a collection of kites that you enjoy using in a display to entertain others – then you may well be asked to take part in various events as part of the entertainment.

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