Angel kite


This amazing kite was designed by Mike Delfar and given a special award for innovation by the American Kitefliers Association.   It is made by Premier Kites in ripstop nylon, with lightweight carbon spars.  It will fly in extremely light winds.  Although the makers quote its range as 6 to 16 mph, I have found that it will stay aloft in only 2 or 3 mph and float happily for hours.  It is quite large, with  overall measurements of 62” wide and 112” long, but has very little pull and would be safe for a child to fly.  When mine arrived, the pockets for the upper spreader bar were too small to take the spar and I had to sew on new pockets.  Also it lacked end caps on some spars, (I think these are essential) and the instructions were incorrect – not unusual with Premier’s kites.  A drawback to the kite for me is that I do not want to take out the leading-edge spars between flights (tricky and time-consuming), which means I had to have a special bag made to accommodate the kite.  This aside, I’m very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone wanting an easy-flying kite that is quite different to anything else out there, but ONLY if Premier fix the problems I mentioned.  List price (2012) is $129.95; I bought mine from Picture Pretty Kites, where it is available for $119.90.