Le Frog kite


Despite his slightly French name, Le Frog was designed by Jim Rowlands in England, and is made by Premier Kites.  He comes in three sizes, and this is the middle one at 14 feet. The kite can fly either alone or as “line laundry” attached to the line of another kite.  So far, I have always flown it alone, and in a steady wind it flies very well.  I have attached a small drogue to the “feet” to provide a little more stability, but it’s not really necessary.  Often I can tie the kite to an anchor and leave it all day.  It is, of course, a soft kite (no spars), so it packs away into a small bag and weighs very little.  If you get one, look out for the two small zips on the feet – designed to aid in deflating the kite, they need to be done up for flight.  You can buy this from most Premier dealers; I got mine from Windstar Kites, who are very enthusiastic about this kite.  Their price is $199.  Premier’s list price (2011) is  $249.95.