Flag kite


This is certainly no ordinary flag – in fact, it looks more like a pillow-case open at the front, but it flies surprisingly well.  It comes complete with a matching drogue which spins away merrily and adds to the stability of the “flag.”  On its first flight, my kite went up at the first attempt and flew steadily for the next three hours.  The original was designed by Peter Lynn, and larger versions can be bought direct from the PL factory to your own design.  This one, measuring 5ft by 3ft, is made under licence by Premier Kites, and apart from the design here, comes in the flags of a number of countries.  Unfortunately, New Zealand, which is Peter Lynn’s home and mine, is not one of them.  The flag kite is strongly-made and the design is not printed but fully appliqued on both sides.  I bought mine in the clearance sale at Kiteworld, and I am not sure if the skull and crossbones design is still available, as it is not shown in the Premier catalogue.   You may find your own country’s flag at your Premier dealer, and the list price (2011) is $52.95.