HQ Rokkaku kites


These small (47”) rokkaku are beautifully made by HQ Kites, with mostly appliqued patterns and strong materials to last a long time.  They are ideal for anyone wanting an inexpensive kite that looks good and is fun to fly in a wide range of conditions (in the video they are mostly flying in lively winds at around 20 mph).   Rokkaku are not usually flown with a tail, but they will sometimes fly more stably with one and some people like to add one or two anyway for extra impact.  The Gecko, Soluna and King Tut versions of this kite are still available, but the Illusion design seems to have been discontinued.  Any of them, however, is worth having, although my personal favourite is probably the Gecko.  They come complete with line, and in a plastic case that is much more sturdy than some others.  I bought my latest one from Picture Pretty Kites, where the price is $53.