ITW Parafoil 5 kite


If you like simplicity and convenience, a small parafoil kite is hard to beat.  They will pack away into a very small space and can be taken anywhere.  There is nothing to assemble, so they can be in the air in almost no time.  Into the Wind describe this as “the best parafoil in the sky,” which I think is a little exaggerated.  It is an attractive small kite, and flies well, but is not particularly special.  It comes with line and a 9ft streamer tail as in the photo.  I replaced the original tail with a 20ft tube, seen in the video, which adds to the spectacle and also helps stabilise the kite in a strong wind. The Parafoil 5  measures 1’11” by 2’ 7”, and the wind range is quoted at 5 to 30 mph.  I have flown it successfully in more than this, and it flew very well, without showing any sign of stress.  Price (2011) is $39 direct from ITW.