Hoffmann’s Amulet kite

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The Amulet comes in two versions, Amulet 1 and Amulet 2.  The kites are designed by Rainer Hoffmann and beautifully made by HQ Kites, from ripstop polyester with fibreglass spars.  Is this the perfect kite?  It certainly ticks a lot of boxes.  The quality is great, the kite is big (20ft long by 2ft wide) and bright, and fills a lot of sky.  It is extremely quick and easy to assemble, and very quick to pack up and put away.  When packed, it is very small and light.  Most importantly, it flies like a dream – just hold it up and let it go!  It doesn’t pull hard, so is manageable by an older child, but much more likely to appeal to adults, I think.  The kite is actually bowed, but the bowing is permanent, so there is nothing to adjust.  It’s hard to find fault with this, and if I had a star system I’d certainly give it five out of five.  See video 3 for a view of both versions of the kite flying together.  The usual price seems to be around $130;  I bought mine from Air Play Sports, where it was $109.95 at the time, but enquire from your HQ dealer.  Update: this kite has been discontinued.