French Military kite


This simple kite is basically a triangular box with wings.  The design is based on one used by the French army in the early part of the 20th century, in a larger form and with multiple kites, to lift observers and send signals.  It is available in four colour schemes and comes as standard with a 4ft rectangular tail which I feel looks vaguely ridiculous and adds little in the way of stability to the kite.  I fitted mine with a 35ft streamer, which gives the kite a lot more style and improves its flying considerably.  This is quite a small kite, measuring 3.5ft wide and tall.  Assembly is very easy and it is quite a fun kite to fly. The 2012 list price is $42 direct from G-Kites.  If you want the streamer tail, which I would highly recommend, it is $19 from the same source.