Squid kite by Ron Gibian


Like the Astral Glide above, this kite is designed by Ron Gibian and made by Premier Kites, and from the same materials.  The Squid is bigger, at 10ft long including the tentacles, and is not as simple as its sister kite.  It has no fewer than 8 cross-spars and the same number of ribbons to tie them to the spine.  Then there are 8 tension cords to be adjusted to put the right amount of bow in the sail.  And before you do that, there are two flexible spars each to support the tail and the head.  Altogether it takes quite a while to set up, even supposing you don’t get the complex bridle lines tangled, which will add considerably to your problems.  BUT, the good news is that it’s all worthwhile.  Once assembled, the Squid flies easily and well, and looks fantastic as it swims through the air in search of prey.  I won’t fly this every day, but when I do, I know I shall enjoy it.  It’s ideal for someone wanting an attractive show kite and not in a hurry to get it in the air.  This also came in the clearance sale from Kiteworld, but check with your Premier dealer.  List price (2011) is $129.95.