Phoenix Tail kite


Designed by Robert Brasington and made by New Tech Kites of ripstop nylon with carbon spars , this is a bowed kite, like the rokkaku.  Measuring 59” by 53”, it flies nicely in light to medium winds and its cut-out design is very eye-catching.  Although it is sold under this name, the New Tech web-site calls it “Phoenix Rising,” and shows a quite different kite as the “Phoenix Tail.”  Robert Brasington confirms that Phoenix Tail is indeed the right name for this design, so perhaps New Tech will correct their site and remove the confusion.   That web-site, by the way, is next to useless, as it gives very little information about the kites and some of the photos are very poor. The list price appears to be $49.90; I bought mine from Picture Pretty Kites, where it is currently selling at $39.90.