Rocky Mountain Delta Conyne kite


The delta conyne is an amalgam of a delta and a box kite, and combines some of the advantages of both.  This one, from Into the Wind, is not big, at 7ft 9in wingspan, but it is an attractive and reliable flier.  It was almost the first kite I bought, and is still flown regularly.  It is sturdy, very easy and quick to assemble, and flies well in a wide wind range, quoted as 5 to 25 mph, although at the upper figure it is a little stressed.  There are four tail attachment points, so you have great scope for hanging things such as spinners as well as tails.  It has good lifting ability for its size (in the video it is flying with a 15ft Melon Tube tail), and is ideal as an all-round kite for use by an older child or adult.  Like all of ITW’s own-brand kites, it comes in a very strong case which will last as long as the kite.  It is good value at $55 (2012 price) direct from ITW.  There are now two other attractive colours available.