Fled light wind kite


The Fled is an unusual kite, specially designed to lift cameras or line art in light-wind conditions.  It is made from ripstop nylon with carbon spars, measures 5ft by 6.5ft, and is available in three colours.  It is very simple to assemble, just needing the two-piece spreader bar to be inserted and tightened with velcro fastenings.  It is a bowed kite, so the bow needs to be tensioned and then it’s ready to go.  The bridle is a very simple two-line one, and the kite flies easily.  It doesn’t look particularly exciting, and is probably not a kite you would buy unless you need its lifting capabilities, in which case it is invaluable, doing the job in winds too light for many other kites to even leave the ground.  Made by, and available from, G-Kites, the Fled has a 2012 list price of $125.