Shannon Roller kite


Although this kite, designed by Kevin Shannon, is a roller, it is quite unlike my big Red Oval Roller reviewed above.  That kite is bowed, whereas this one has a moulded dihedral fitting for the spreader spars.  That makes this very quick and easy to assemble.  It is not large, at 5ft by 4ft, but the colour combination ensures that it is very noticeable.  It is a kite that is much happier being actively flown, rather than being anchored.  As I usually fly multiple kites, this meant that I rather neglected this one for a while.  Recently, however, I have used it a lot when I have little time and want to fly just one kite.  It is great fun, and sometimes very playful in changeable winds.  It can occasionally perform complete 360-degree loops and happily keep on flying.  Well-made from ripstop nylon with fibreglass spars, it is $110 (2012 price) direct from G-Kites.