Sun, Sea, Sky kite


This unusual kite is flat, not bowed.  It was designed by Jon Burkhardt for Premier Kites, and is big – almost 5ft across and with a total length of around 80 feet.  It is not the easiest of kites to fly, but in good conditions it will stay up all day. The bridle is adjustable, but it is sometimes tricky to get it right.  The kite is made of rather heavy-duty ripstop nylon with carbon spars, so should last a long time.  It has only two spars (each in three pieces) to assemble, so can be launched quite quickly.  As with the Quilted Strata Delta above, rolling up the tail is not my favourite thing.  I bought mine from Into the Wind, where the price (2011) is $199.  Premier’s list price is $219.95.