Zenith delta kite


The Zenith has a low aspect ratio, so the shape is a little different to that of most deltas.  It has a 7ft wingspan, and is 5ft tall.  It is strongly-built from ripstop nylon with carbon spars, and is designed to fly high and pull strongly.  The keel is another unusual feature, being a cut-off “pocket” type which helps give stability and prevent overflying.  The kite has no tail attachment points, so if you want them you will have to sew your own.  Zenith is a good flier, but mine seems to get little use, mainly because it is a bit boring.  However, I saw a video on YouTube of one modified by having 40 black ribbon tails sewn to it.  This looked stunning, so maybe I should give it a go with mine.  The kite is $90 (2012 price) direct from G-Kites.