Brooxes Box kite


Box kites usually require a lot of wind, but this one is a rhomboid shape which provides a greater lifting surface and should fly in lighter winds.  The quoted range is 5 to 18 mph, but I have found it needs more like 7mph to leave the ground.  I don’t like the method of fixing the spars, which consists of bent pieces of plastic hosepipe which don’t always stay where they should.  It is hard to get the kite properly tensioned, and it is not particularly stable when in the air.  The kite is also a bit time-consuming to assemble, and I do not fly mine as often as I thought I would.  If you really want a box kite, this is worth considering, but you might be better to choose something else.  The price (2012) is $52 direct from G-Kites.  Update: this kite now seems to have been discontinued.