12ft Patchwork Delta kite


This is a big kite, designed by Kathy Goodwind and made by New Tech Kites.  It has a 12ft wingspan, but also a very low aspect ratio, which means that it is tall as well – just 3 inches short of 8 feet.  It looks good, and like practically all deltas, flies well.  It has, however, been made down to a price, as the quality is definitely not as good as that of some other New Tech products or similar-sized deltas elsewhere.  When my kite arrived, it was missing an end-cap on one of the leading-edge spars, not a sign of good quality control.  There are no tail attachment points sewn in, so you will need to make your own.  Kites this size exert a lot of pull, but the line attachment area is only lightly reinforced, and the attachment points (three for various wind conditions) consist of small eyelets such as are found on much smaller kites.  The velcro-type fastening which holds the spine rod in place is sewed onto an un-reinforced part of the tail.  On my kite, this came unsewn on the third flight, and tore the kite fabric.  I have now modified the fastening.  The recommended top wind speed is 20mph, but I shall not risk mine in anything over 15mph.  The price, from Air Play Sports, was only $92.95, and for that money it is a lot of kite.  However, I cannot recommend this unless New Tech Kites fix the faults.