Pointer kite – a unique design


This is a very interesting, attractive, and unusual kite from Malaysian designer Ceewan, made by Premier Kites.  It is quite big, but the quoted height of 11 feet is misleading, since this includes the parts of the main spar which project at top and bottom.  The actual length of the sail is about 8.5 feet, which still fills a lot of sky.  The kite, made of ripstop nylon with carbon and fibreglass spars, rolls up very small, and is quick and easy to assemble or disassemble.  It has no bridle, and the line is tied directly to the top of the spar.  This makes it very simple to fly more than one on the same line.  There is amazingly little pull despite the size of the sail, so even with three kites on the line, a small child could hold them and only light line is needed – just the thing if your 5-year-old insists on having a big kite!  The Pointer has a wide wind range, but moves about a lot in higher winds.  It’s easy to fly, very eye-catching and reasonable value at $149.95 (2011.)  I bought mine from Kites and Fun Things, who have a close relationship with the designer.  I also have a larger one, which I think is not generally available but might be obtainable from the same source if you ask.  There is a giant one, too, listed on their web-site, but it’s fairly expensive – nice, though!  Update:  The Pointer is no longer available.