Triton kite


This beautiful kite from Into the Wind is a variation on the genki design, but made more stable by having keels. The cut-outs in the sail may also help, and they certainly make it look more interesting.  The kite is 8ft 6” across and quite easy to assemble.  It flies at a high angle in winds as light as 3mph, and has a lot of pull.  It was designed especially for use in KAP, although even if you have no interest in taking photos from the air it is a great kite to have.  I would not recommend it as a first kite, or for someone who wants only one all-purpose kite.  Its top wind-speed is quoted at 15mph, but I prefer not to fly it in anything higher than 12mph.  It is strongly-built of ripstop nylon with carbon spars.  Mine survived a crash into the sea when another kite cut its line, and despite getting knocked around by the waves for 20 minutes or more, still flies well.  At $129 (2012 price) it is good value and if you like the genki style of kite it is probably your best choice.