Premier Power Sled kites


These useful kites come in several sizes: 14ft, 24ft, 36ft and the enormous megasled at 81ft.   All measurements refer to the square area of the kite.  The Powersleds all have very flexible spars, which can be bent double, and the kites fold up into their own drogue tail, which makes a very good bag.  They can be unpacked and into the air in a very short time, and fly easily in average winds.  They have a lot of pull, so even the smallest is not suitable for a young child, and the largest needs an experienced pilot and a good anchor to tie it down to.  They will lift large amounts of line laundry and are fun kites to fly on their own.  I have a 24ft, several 36ft, and a Megasled in the special version designed by Barbara Meyer.  It is a flying work of art, but pulls like a locomotive in a strong wind.  All these kites are highly recommended.  Picture Pretty Kites have all sizes, and most Premier dealers carry some of them.  My Megasled came from Cobra Kites, another good place to deal with.