Lucky Clover kite


Made by German company Colours in Motion, this kite is actually called Glucksbringer Kleebatt, which translates to lucky clover.  I was flying this on the beach one time when a big earthquake struck.  The whole beach undulated and I was thrown over but held onto the kite.  I’m not sure if that was luck or not!  It’s big, at 8ft across by 25ft long, and a good flier.  It also pulls quite hard, so you need strong line and, if you’re tying it down, a good anchor. It can pack away into the “bucket” at the end of its tail (there is a bag, too) so is very easy to carry around.  It’s also quick to go up, if you don’t get the bridle lines tangled. I tracked mine down from a dealer in England, and I haven’t seen it on any American website, but you could enquire at your Premier Kites dealer as Premier have a relationship with CIM.