Rainbow Butterfly kite


(by guest reviewer, my friend Tony Travaglia from Oamaru, New Zealand)

This large butterfly (82” x 43”) from New Tech Kites is a beautiful sight in the air. I have had many people comment  that “ It looks like a real butterfly.”  Once aloft it will float on the breeze, wings flapping gracefully if the wind speed rises, drifting on the breeze if it drops. No drama at all, just a stunning sight of this beautiful and graceful butterfly in the air. Even from a mile away (I fly at about 200 feet), it can be seen by folk who phone me to comment on that beautiful butterfly.  If the wind blows hard the kite makes quite a rustle and I prefer not to fly above 12 mph as it becomes unstable and it can plummet downwards at an alarming rate. One could adjust the bridle to cope with the higher wind-speed but as it looks so spectacular at lower wind speeds I will leave the bridle as it is now.  I would rate this an 8/10 and well worth the purchase price. An even larger one would be nice to have, say 12 foot would be ideal.  Recommended wind speed is 6 to 18 mph, price $40.90 from Picture Pretty Kites.  Update: No longer available.