Skyform 60 lifter kite


This is a type of parafoil kite, similar in design to the well-known Sutton Flowform.  Gomberg Kites make these to order in the colours of your choice, with matching streamer tails as an extra.  The kite has 60 square feet of lifting area, so is quite powerful, and it does a reasonable job of lifting line laundry.  Unfortunately it flies at a fairly low angle, which is not ideal for a lifter and sometimes makes it rather useless for its intended purpose.  It can be managed by one person, which is good as I usually fly alone, but it is helpful to have an assistant and in any case a good anchor to tie it down to.  The streamer is 5ft wide and 50ft long and costs $75, the kite costs $195.  The quality is OK, but the performance is really not as good as it should be.