Fish Pyro Delta kite


This is one of my favourites.  The term “pyro delta” came because these kites were originally flown as part of organised firework, or pyrotechnic, displays.  Deltas with attached tails are known elsewhere as “flowtails.”  This one was designed in Germany but comes from G-Kites, who have the manufacturing rights.  It is well made of ripstop nylon and fibreglass spars, with taffeta nylon tails.  It assembles easily and flies reliably in winds from around 5 to 20 mph, although the tails tend to twist in strong winds.  It really stands out in the sky, and gets a lot of attention.  Wingspan is 9ft, length 30ft. Highly recommended, especially if you want just one kite that is a reliable flier and very eye-catching.  Price (2012) is $120.