Premier Giant Fish kite


You’ve been to the kite festivals, seen those giant Peter Lynn kites, and want something similar, if not quite so big and expensive.  You have two options: you can go to the Peter Lynn factory site and choose something wonderful from the huge range there (or from Gomberg Kites if you are in the USA); or you can make life easy for yourself by buying the Giant Fish, designed by Juergen Ebbinghaus and made to a high standard by Premier. It is undoubtedly the simplest “show” kite to fly, and even a beginner could handle it with very little instruction.  It is 22.5ft (7m) long, yet is extremely gentle and flies in a steady fashion without needing the “pilot” kite which most of the show kites require to help keep them aloft.  I usually put this up, anchor it, and leave it to fly unattended for hours.  At a list price (2011) of $699.95 it is not cheap, but good value.  Ask around and you may get it for less.  I bought mine from Helen at Picture Pretty Kites.

There is also a “mega” version which is twice as long (45ft), and if anyone wants to buy me one I’d be very happy!  If your horizons are set lower, the “large” version at 11ft (3.4m) might suit, and it’s a lot cheaper, too.