Mayan Double Delta Conyne kite


There seems to have been a change of name with this kite.  I bought it under the above name, but it is now listed by Premier Kites as “Swept Wing Double Box Delta.”  Either way, it is a most attractive and intricate design by Barbara Meyer that flies very well and looks like a stained-glass window in the sky. I have had it for quite a long time, and it never lets me down, flying in any wind from about 7mph.  It is 12ft wide, and will carry a whole set of tails, or a huge one like the 30ft Bubble Tube tail (see video.)  But it also looks great on its own and is always fun to fly.  List price (2011) is $195, and it is available from Picture Pretty Kites and other Premier dealers.  I think it’s great value, and now have two of them!