Premier 12ft Octopus kite

This soft kite is based on a design by Peter Lynn, who is the brains behind the biggest kites made. Unfortunately, this particular variant made by Premier Kites is NOT a great buy.  It is well made and flies quite nicely, but the drawback is the cost.  At a list price (2011) of $104.95 it is definitely not good value, and you could spend your money much better elsewhere.  This is really a very small (children’s size) kite, since the tentacles naturally make up most of its length, and it is one of the few kites I have bought that have disappointed me (my fault).  I use it as a piece of line laundry under another kite, where it does a reasonable job.  

The PL Octopus design is great, but go for a larger size, where it really comes into its own.  The smallest one available from the Peter Lynn factory, at 20ft, is NZ$540 (about $420) and, if you can afford it, is a nice kite. There are much bigger ones, too!  Or for a cheaper Chinese alternative, a 49ft Octopus in a different design and various colours can be had from EmmaKites for $78. I have one of these, which flies nicely and has stood up well to quite a bit of use, although the quality is obviously nowhere near the same level as that of the PL kites.