11ft Premier delta kite

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This is a well-built kite of ripstop nylon with fibreglass and carbon spars. I have the Pop Art and Groovy Peace versions, which look stunning against a blue sky, but there are several other designs to choose from.  This is a kite with which you can’t go wrong.  It takes only seconds to assemble and get into the air, flies in breezes too light for most other kites, and will continue to fly in winds up to 20mph.  It will lift plenty of tails, and I often fly it with a 24ft tube tail in the centre and 24ft transition tails on the wing-tips.  In lighter winds I remove the tube tail.  Highly-recommended as an eye-catching and thoroughly reliable kite which should last for years. List price (2011) $114.95.  I bought mine from Picture Pretty Kites, who usually have several designs in stock and will order in anything they don’t have.