Morea kite


One of the first “real” kites I bought, the Morea, designed by Ron Gibian and made by Premier Kites, is a double-bowed kite like the rokkaku.  It is large, at 103” (2.62m) height, but is relatively easy to set up and to fly.  It is very well constructed, of ripstop nylon with carbon spars, and flies very steadily at a high angle when set up right.  The quoted wind range is 4 to 18mph, but it is not so happy at the upper limit, and I would restrict it to 15mph.  The appliqué design is stunning, and the cut-out shape adds to its appeal.  

At $129.95 (2011 price) it is wonderful value.  I bought mine from Kites and Fun Things, who ordered it in for me as it was not a stock item.  Hard to find elsewhere, for some reason, but enquire from your favourite dealer who may be able to get it from Premier.