Luna Moth kite

Designed by Carsten Domann and made by Premier Kites, this is one big insect at 140” by 102”, designed to fly in light winds.  I bought mine from Picture Pretty Kites . A beautiful kite but needing care, as the necessarily light construction means that the wings are not built to take high loads. The suggested wind range is 5 to 12 mph, (8 to 19 km/h), and that maximum should be strictly observed.  Also, don’t use the common technique of trying to pull the kite into the air – just allow it to gently climb in its own time, or you will place too much strain on the wings.  Bringing the kite down should be done gradually, again not putting the wings under too much strain.  Treated respectfully, it should give no problem and provide some spectacular flying pleasure.  Spectators love it, and usually remark on the “beautiful butterfly”!  If you find a photo of the real Luna Moth you’ll see that Carsten Domann did a remarkable job in the design of this magnificent kite.  Not a good first kite for a beginner, but to any flier with a little experience it would be a highlight of his or her collection.