Luna Moth kite

(by guest reviewer, my friend Tony Travaglia from Oamaru, New Zealand)

Designed by Carsten Domann and made by Premier Kites, this is one big insect at 140” by 102”, flying in winds from 5 to 12 mph.  I bought mine from Picture Pretty Kites for $162.  A beautiful kite but unfortunately the first attempt at flying ended in disaster, the dihedral broke, the wings folded up. On inspection it obviously had a crack in it from the time it was manufactured. The wing spars also broke with the pressure. I emailed PPK and Helen sent me some new spars. I sourced a dihedral from a kite firm in Auckland NZ, the item was of far better quality than the original. All glued together and repaired, one had to wait for an opportune time to test fly it. Low wind and a wide open space was a prerequisite and today it flew. Beautifully. A stunning and magnificent sight in the sky as can be seen by the photograph.  Easy to fly and in a light wind, the only drawback in some cases would be the time spent fine tuning it to fly straight as a little too much tension on either wing will make it unstable and it will then fall to the ground because of the extra lift generated by the tighter wing. A length of ribbon from the two moth tails would look great and add to the stability of the Moth.     Rating 8/10. Excellent service from PPK too.  (Warning: I have now heard of other faulty examples of this kite.  I do not advise buying one unless Premier sort out the problems. – Jim)