Rabbit kite line laundry


This big bunny from Weifang Kaixuan Kite Factory is a wonderful addition to a kite display. The rabbit is very easy to handle despite its size (see video.)   It “flies” from the line of a lifter kite, and something like an UltraFoil 30 or Power Sled 36 is ideal for this.  It’s 4.6m tall (15ft 4in) so makes a big impact wherever its flown.  It inflates very easily in even a quite light breeze, through vents on the head and at the top of the ears, but will also handle strong winds.  This is an item that delights child and adult alike, and is sure to be a hit wherever you fly it.  You can order it in different colours, and the current (2017) price of $105 is amazingly good value.  Contact [email protected] or see the listing on AliExpress or at the factory.